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Education - MSc

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BMEGEMTNX11 Materials Science Dr. László MÉSZÁROS obligatory Hungarian
BMEGEMTNXM1 Functional Materials Dr. Kolos MOLNÁR obligatory Hungarian

BMEGEPTNG02 Polymer rheology and simulation techniques Dr. Ferenc SZABÓ obligatory Hungarian
BMEGEPTNG03 Composite structures and their design Prof. Dr. Tibor CZIGÁNY obligatory Hungarian
BMEGEPTNGPR Project Dr. Ákos KMETTY obligatory Hungarian
BMEGEPTNKDA Master Thesis Project A Dr. Bálint MORLIN obligatory Hungarian
BMEGEPTNKDB Master Thesis Project B Dr. Bálint MORLIN obligatory Hungarian
BMEGEPTNG11 Extrusion technologies Dr. Tamás BÁRÁNY obligatorily eligible Hungarian
BMEGEPTNG14 Testing and qualification of polymers and composites Dr. Gábor ROMHÁNY obligatorily eligible Hungarian
BMEGEPTNX02 Rapid Prototyping in the Polymer Industry Dr. Norbert Krisztián KOVÁCS obligatorily eligible Hungarian
BMEGEPTNX03 Natural Polymer Structural Materials Dr. Bálint MORLIN obligatorily eligible Hungarian
BMEGEPTNX08 Innovative application of polymers and their composites Prof. Dr. Tibor CZIGÁNY obligatorily eligible Hungarian
BMEGEPTNX04 Basics of composites technology Dr. Gergely CZÉL optional English

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