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Education - MSc

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BMEGEPTNX01 Sustainable waste management Prof. Dr. Andrea TOLDY obligatorily eligible Hungarian
BMEGEPTMK51 Fibrous Reinforcing Structures and their Designing Prof. Dr. László Mihály VAS optional Hungarian

BMEGEPTNG01 Polymer Materials Science Prof. Dr. László Mihály VAS obligatory Hungarian
BMEGEPTNKDA Master Thesis Project A Dr. Bálint MORLIN obligatory Hungarian
BMEGEPTNKDB Master Thesis Project B Dr. Bálint MORLIN obligatory Hungarian
BMEGEPTNX09 Design of polymer products Dr. András SUPLICZ obligatory Hungarian
BMEGEPTNG10 Design on injection molds Dr. József Gábor KOVÁCS obligatorily eligible Hungarian
BMEGEPTNG12 Elastomers Dr. Tamás BÁRÁNY obligatorily eligible Hungarian
BMEGEPTNG13 Polymeric foams Dr. Ákos KMETTY obligatorily eligible Hungarian
BMEGEPTNG16 Reinforcements of Composites Dr. Péter BAKONYI obligatorily eligible Hungarian
BMEGEPTNX02 Rapid Prototyping in the Polymer Industry Dr. Norbert Krisztián KOVÁCS obligatorily eligible Hungarian
BMEGEPTNX03 Natural Polymer Structural Materials Dr. Bálint MORLIN obligatorily eligible Hungarian
BMEGEPTMG32 Fibrous reinforcing structures and their design I. Prof. Dr. László Mihály VAS optional Hungarian

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