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General subjects


Design and Technology specialization

The Department of Polymer Engineering offers Mechanical Engineering BSc training within the scope of the Design and Technology specialization. The Design and Technology specialization programme is implemented in partnership with the Department of Materials Science and Technology, the Department of Machine and Product Design and the Department of Manufacturing Science and Engineering.

BMEGEPTBGE2 Injection Molding Dr. József Gábor KOVÁCS obligatory English
BMEGEPTBGE3 Polymer processing Dr. Béla ZINK obligatory English

Writing a BSc thesis

With the thesis, the BSc student proves that they have satisfied the requirements of the BSc course, they can use the knowledge they have learnt and can work as an engineer independently. Details

Industrial Practice

One of the requirements for the BSc degree is to carry out the Industrial Practice in a company/institute/research laboratory that performs some activities based on student’s specialization in the field of mechanical engineering. The required duration of the Industrial Practice is 6 weeks. The student can apply for the Industrial Practice through the department of the student’s specialization. The student who intends to do the internship in the area of Polymer Engineering and Science can contact Dr. Gabor Romhany ( The student who does not choose a specialization cannot apply for Industrial Practice. The student who intends to do internship/traineeship must have 130 credit points after the 6th semester of the BSc training programme. To obtain the signature in Neptun the student must register for the Industrial Practice subject before the acquisition of the BSc diploma. The subject “Industrial Practice” can be chosen in Neptun in the semester following the work experience.

Final Exam

Students must complete the thesis to finish the BSc course. However, students complete their BSc training programme by taking their final examination. Students who have finished the subjects in the curriculum and completed their thesis can register for the final exam. The final exam consists of the defence of the thesis and an oral exam in three subjects chosen by the student (subject groups). Details

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