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ISO 9001 & 14001

    • In the functioning of the Department of Polymer Engineering of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Budapest University of Technology and Economics the contentment of university students and industrial partners, as well as the key of high standard educational, research and development work is quality. Our default values are the persons and the environment. Here, at the Department of Polymer Engineering we follow the “continuous perfecting” principle, which means that we transfer our activity from mistake-recognition to mistake-preventive tasks. The quality politics of the Department of Polymer Engineering is the full realization of MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 description concerning quality standards, which has to stand out as part of our day-to-day operations. The continuous quality improvement requires of all of our colleagues to know exactly the procedures of the given sphere of work, and to maintain and develop the operations in accordance with the policy of our quality politics. Each colleague of the Department of Polymer Engineering a is responsible for the quality of the performed educational, research, and development work, as well as for the shaping and practicing of its conduct regarding his commitment towards quality. The management of the Department of Polymer Engineering is committed to the constant increase of its qualified attitude and qualified level of culture, taking into consideration the human values and their development. The constant aspiration of our Department is to function as an efficient, close-to-person organization, which contributes to the qualified realization of our society’s educational, research, and development purposes.
      • We are providing qualitative education through continuous subject improvement and constant modernization of our instrument- and machine-park, taking into consideration the various demands.
      • We are providing highly utilizable, demanded knowledge to our students, which is reflected in their increasing number, in the career of our graduate engineers, and in the contentment of the employers.
      • Disposing of academic degree, practical knowledge, and excellent pedagogical temperament, our teachers are national and international experts.
      • The bases of our Department’s creative and innovative spirituality are the good conviviality, the family atmosphere, the helpfulness, and the mutual respect for each another.
      • Through Research + Development our Department contributes to the increase of Hungary’s competitiveness for the promotion of the affiliation to EU, and for the consolidation of our succeeding role in EU.
    • Environment
      • Our Department won the “Greenest Department” title from the University, because our important mission in our everyday life and teaching-educational work is to provide a good example in recycling and environment protection.
    • The mission of the Department of Polymer Engineering of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Budapest University of Technology and Economics is to provide through its personality- generating educational work successful, multilateral and qualitatively skilled experts for the technological sciences, as well as for the Hungarian plastic and textile industry, furthermore to contribute through its research-development work to the technical improvement and to the progress equilibrated with the environment.
    • The Department of Polymer Engineering of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Budapest University of Technology and Economics becomes a determining participant in the Hungarian technical higher education, research and development. Through its continuous quality improvement the Department develops its self-improving ability, which makes it able to surmount the unfavorable external and internal influences, and to guarantee the currently expected highest standard educational-research-development work.


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