HUN-REN-BME Research Group

Education - BSc
Composites technology (BMEGEPTBGE1)

Basic data

Type of educationBSc in Mechanical Engineering - Engineering Design and Technology specialization - english course
Type obligatory
Contact hours 2 / 0 / 1 (lec/sem/lab)
Credit points 4
Closure of the term exam
Responsible of the subject Dr. Gergely CZÉL
Lecturer(s) Dr. Gergely CZÉL
Prerequisite Polymer Materials Science and Engineering (BMEGEPTBG01)
Conditions of accomplishement 1. The technical report on the laboratory work has to be completed and presented. 2. Exam
Short desciption of the subject The students are getting familiar with the matrices and reinforcing materials of polymer composites. They gain knowledge about the manufacturing technologies of thermoset matrix composites. The basics of composite mechanics and composite specific design guidelines are also presented.
Full description of the subject TANTÁRGY ADATLAP

Data of the actual term

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