HUN-REN-BME Research Group

Education - BSc
Polymer Materials Science and Engineering (BMEGEPTBG01)

Basic data

Type of educationBSc in Mechanical Engineering - english course
Type obligatory
Contact hours 3 / 0 / 2 (lec/sem/lab)
Credit points 6
Closure of the term exam
Responsible of the subject Dr. Kolos MOLNÁR
Prerequisite Materials Science, BMEGEMTAGA1
Conditions of accomplishement Requirements to enter for the examination: Successful completion of the lab practices is required in order to obtain the obligatory signature.
Short desciption of the subject The objective is to familiarize the students with the following subjects: structure of polymers; the dependence of their properties on structure, temperature and environment; the characteristics of their stress - strain relationships; their basic application, processing and recycling possibilities.
Full description of the subject TANTÁRGY ADATLAP
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