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Proposed PhD topics

1.Development of multifunctional polymers

Running PhD topics

1.Development of aluminum-polymer joint
 Temesi Tamás, 2017-

Completed PhD topics

1.Shape-changing fiber-reinforced composites
 Vermes Brúnó, 2018-2022, védés: 2022

2.Recyclability of petroleum and bio-based polymer blends: Mechanical recycling and composting
 Gere Dániel, 2017-2021, védés: 2022

3.The state indicator role of carbon fiber at polymer composites
 Forintos Norbert, 2017-2021, védés: 2021

4.Optical methods for health monitoring of composite structures
 Hegedűs Gergely, 2015-2018, védés: 2019

5.Hollow glass fiber reinforced polymer composites
 Kling Sándor, 2010-2014, védés: 2015

6.Development of basalt fabric reinforced polymer composites
 Tamás Péter, 2009-2013, védés: 2014

7.Development of cyclic butylene terephthalate matrix composites
 Balogh Gábor, 2008-2011, védés: 2012

8.Friction stir welding of polymers
 Kiss Zoltán, 2007-2010, védés: 2011

9.Development of a new method and process to determine the fiber/matrix adhesion
 Morlin Bálint, 2007-2010, védés: 2013

10.Development of engineering polymer composites for agricultural engineering applications
 Andó Mátyás, 2007-2010, védés: 2010

11.Development of basalt fiber reinforced injection molded polyamide composites
 Deák Tamás, 2005-2008, védés: 2010

12.Analysis of non circular profile composite pipes
 Czél Gergely, 2004-2008, védés: 2009

13.Development of polymer based implants
 Oláh László, 2004-2007, védés: 2007

14.Development of wood fiber reinforced polymer composites
 Kocsis Zoltán, 2004-2007, védés: 2008

15.The impact of basalt fiber heads formed during fiber production on the mechanical properties of composites
 Pölöskei Kornél, 2002-2006, védés: 2006

16.Polymer systems associated with agricultural byproducts
 Dogossy Gábor, 2003-2006, védés: 2006

17.Physical recycling of the material of PET bottles
 Ronkay Ferenc, 2003-2006, védés: 2007

18.Development of natural fiber reinforced polymer composites
 Mezey Zoltán, 2003-2006, védés: 2009

19.Manufacturing of mineral fiber reinforced polymer composites and their mechanical properties
 Szabó Jenő Sándor, 2001-2005, védés: 2005

20.Effects of hot-gas welding parameters on the welded polypropylene seam strength and its heat-affected-zone
 Marczis Balázs, 2001-2004, védés: 2005

21.Determination of ageing with the essential work of facture method in thermoplastic polyesters Szerző
 Bárány Tamás, 2001-2004, védés: 2004

22.Applicability of flax fiber as reinforcement in biocomposites
 Romhány Gábor, 2000-2003, védés: 2005

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