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Scientific Students' Associations activity (SSA)

In the course of SSA the student or students study a narrow area of a field of science for some time and with the supervision of a professor, complete a project of scientific quality which is beyond the subject matter taught at the university. How far a student gets in their research depends on their interest, ability, time and successful cooperation with the supervisor.

To show the results of SSA projects, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at BME organizes a Conference of Scientific Students' Associations every year, usually in the first part of November. In order to participate in the Conference, a student has to prepare and submit a report of the work done and give a presentation. The report usually summarizes half a year to one year of research but a successful summer practice or work done in the framework of foreign placement can also lead to a paper. The most successful papers can be entered in the National Conference of Scientific Students' Associations, held every two years. Both BSc and MSc students can take part in the conference.

Why is it worth writing an SSA paper?

Writing an SSA paper entails extra work but it is worth the effort. A place in an SSA conference means moral and also financial benefit. It means extra points when the student applies for Master’s or PhD training, and also means extra points when faculty or national scholarships are awarded. A successful SSA paper is often continued as a dissertation or thesis, and the experience gained during making the paper and the opinion of the assessor can be used in the dissertation or thesis. A Conference of Scientific Students' Associations provides an excellent opportunity to practice giving presentations.

The paper is evaluated based on a given set of criteria, by an independent professional assessor. Presentations in conferences organized by the faculty have to be given before a professional committee, who award points for both the presentation and the work done. The committee uses the sum of the points for the presentation and the paper to decide the order and makes a proposal for the prizes to be awarded.

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SSA conference's resultsGéza Bodor special award

Polymer technology section
Chairman:Dr. Suplicz András associate professor
Members:Seres Viktor CEO, XPLast Kft.
Dr. Szabó Ferenc assistant professor
Secretary:Dr. Török Dániel assistant professor
Date:2023. 11. 16.
Venue:T épület 2. emelet T200 terem

1st prize
Csepel Zsófia Luca
Combining metal foam and injection molding for a bipolar plate
Consultant: Dr. Kovács József Gábor, Dr. Orbulov Imre Norbert

Lukács Norbert László
In-situ habképzéssel előállított biopolimer kompozitok additív gyártástechnológiája
Consultant: Tóth Csenge, Dr. Kovács Norbert Krisztián
GHK különdíj

2nd prize
Mertl Martin
Development of cellular implants for improved osteointegration
Consultant: Dr. Szebényi Gábor, Nemes-Károly István, Dr. Kocsis György

Kunsági Viktória
Analysis of the effect of wallfibre filling on the processability of polylactic acid by 3D printing.
Consultant: Dr. Kmetty Ákos, Dr. Kovács Norbert Krisztián

3rd prize
Halász Lajos Tibor
3D nyomtatott rövidszálas kompozitok rétegközi hegedése
Consultant: Tóth Csenge, Dr. Kovács Norbert Krisztián

Mikula Brigitta
Development of sintering technology for self-reinforced UHMWPE composites for medical applications
Consultant: Dr. Szebényi Gábor, Nemes-Károly István

Honti Szilárd
Development of ground tyre rubber-containing thermoplastic vulcanizates
Consultant: Dr. Bárány Tamás, Dr. Halász-Kutasi István, Görbe Ákos

Enzsöl Ákos
Modelling and evaluation of the deformation of polimer inserts
Consultant: Dr. Szabó Ferenc, Dr. Zink Béla

Polymer composites section
Chairman:Dr. Szebényi Gábor associate professor
Members:Dr. Mezey Zoltán assistant professor
de Rivo Balázs development team leader, Zoltek Zrt.
Secretary:Dr. Petrény Roland assistant professor
Date:2023. 11. 16.
Venue:T épület 2. emelet T201 terem

1st prize
Bulman Vencel
Composite crash structure design for a Formula Student racecar
Consultant: Szederkényi Bence

Vastag Zsolt
Participation in an international round-robin on specimens for accurate determination of the tensile mechanical properties of unidirectional carbon fibre/epoxy
Consultant: Dr. Czél Gergely

2nd prize
Lukács Norbert László
Növelt szálhosszú, 3D nyomtatott kompozitok tervezése és vizsgálata
Consultant: Tóth Csenge, Dr. Kovács Norbert Krisztián

3rd prize
Győry Tamás
Ultrasonic welding of polyamides and polyamide matrix composites
Consultant: Dr. Suplicz András, Széplaki Péter

Bulman Vencel Pál
Investigation of damage modes of carbon fiber reinforced composites by acoustic emission
Consultant: Dr. Szebényi Gábor, Dr. Romhány Gábor, Marton Gergő Zsolt

Németh Dorottya
Examination of recycled carbon fibre reinforced hybrid composites
Consultant: Dr. Tamás-Bényei Péter, Sántha Péter

Batta Tamás Barnabás
Material development for a solar boat wing guiding system
Consultant: Dr. Tamás-Bényei Péter, Sántha Péter

not awarded
Stocker Ádám
The effect of interleaf films on the out-of-plane load-bearing and damage tolerance of high performance composites
Consultant: Dr. Czél Gergely

Polymer material science section
Chairman:Prof. Dr. Vas László Mihály honorary professor
Members:Dr. Zink Béla assistant professor
Dr. Meiszel László Polinvent Kft.
Secretary:Dr. Morlin Bálint assistant professor
Date:2023. 11. 16.
Venue:T épület 1. emelet T111 terem

1st prize
Dremák Csenge
Development of wood plastic composite using polyolefin and wood waste
Consultant: Dr. Czigány Tibor, Dr. Gere Dániel

Réz Dávid
Consultant: Dr. Ronkay Ferenc, Slezák Emese, Dr. Bordácsné Bocz Katalin

2nd prize
Lipkovics Kata
Nanofiber-containing 3D printed poly lactic acid porous structures and their investigation
Consultant: Dr. Molnár Kolos

3rd prize
Bezerédi Ádám
Investigation of the microstructure of polylactic acid matrix hybrid nanocomposites with increased toughness in order to design mechanical properties
Consultant: Petrény Roland, Mészáros László

Edőcs Dániel
Applicability of ground tyre rubber-based sheets
Consultant: Dr. Bárány Tamás, Dr. Halász-Kutasi István, Görbe Ákos

Vörzsönits Bence
Recycling of vitrimer-based composites
Consultant: Dr. Toldy Andrea, Dr. Pomázi Ákos, Poór Dániel

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