MTA-BME Research Group

Development of recyclable-by-design high performance fibre reinforced polymer composites

Project ID:
NKFIH K142517
Supported by:
Hungarian National Research, Development and Innovation Office (NKFIH)
1 October 2022 - 30 September 2026
Supervisor (BME):
Dr. Andrea Toldy
Participant researchers (BME):
Kovács Zsófia
Dr. Pomázi Ákos
Dr. Toldy Andrea

Project summary

At present, there are no technologies available for the large-scale material recycling of fibre reinforced thermoset composites. Therefore, this proposal focuses on the development of recyclable-by-design high performance fibre reinforced polymer composites. In particular, two main development directions are envisaged: development of high performance vitrimer based recyclable and repairable carbon fibre reinforced composites and development of high performance flame retarded all-polyamide composite by thermoplastic resin moulding. As for the first direction, the aim is to develop novel vitrimer-based, recyclable and repairable thermoset polymers with tunable topology freezing transition temperature, suitable for high-temperature composite applications, and to elaborate an industrially feasible recycling method that provide recycled matrices and fibre in the same or similar quality to the benchmark composite materials. Furthermore, deeper understanding of structure-property relationships, recycling and repairing mechanisms of vitrimers is foreseen. Concerning the second direction, the aim is to develop self-reinforced, recyclable, in situ polymerised polyamide 6 composites and enable their used in high temperature application areas by flame retardant coatings appropriate for productive and reproducible in-mould coating. The proposal aims to accomplish not only the recycling of the composites but also the reuse of the obtained components, their characterisation including the effect of repeatedly recycled flame retardant additives on the fire performance of composites made from recycled materials.

Project results

Section 1
1 October 2022 - 30 September 2023

Section 2
1 October 2023 - 30 September 2024

Section 3
1 October 2024 - 30 September 2025

Section 4
1 October 2025 - 30 September 2026

Project-related publications

  1. Kovács Zs., Pomázi Á., Toldy A.: Development of multifunctional flame-retardant gel coatings for automotive applications. Coatings, 13 (2), 345/1-345/14 (2023) 10.3390/coatings13020345 IF=3.236 Q2
  2. Kovács Zs., Pomázi Á., Hollósi E., Toldy A.: ε-kaprolaktám alapú égésgátló bevonat fejlesztése szénszál erősítésű poliamid 6 kompozitokhoz. Polimerek, 3, 90-96 (2023)

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