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Our colleagues attended the MTA Bolyai János Research Scholarship Award Ceremony

We have previously reported that Dr. László Mészáros and Dr. Péter Tamás-Bényei were awarded the János Bolyai Research Fellowship, which was awarded on 17.09.2021 at the headquarters of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
Dr. László Mészáros was awarded the grant for his project "The role of interfacial phases in the properties of polymer matrix hybrid composites" and Dr. Péter Tamás-Bényei was awarded the grant for his project "Development of high-performance recycled carbon fibre polymer composites for engineering applications" for the next 3 years.


The Bolyai János Research Fellowship was established in 1996 and every year around 150 young researchers under the age of 45 receive this prestigious award, which supports the winning applicants for three years. It was established by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences to encourage and recognise excellence in research and development. It is open to applications from all disciplines and fields of study and supports the preparation for the award of the title of Doctor of Science.

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