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MSc Thesis

All students undertake thesis work during their 3rd and 4th semester. The thesis consists of two-semesters long work within the scope of Master Thesis Project A (BMEGEPTNKDA) és a Master Thesis Project B (BMEGEPTNKDB). First, the student must choose a topic and a supervisor from the Department of Polymer Engineering. Students can find the contact information of topic announcers on the department web page in order to schedule a meeting. After this, the student must choose the subjects (called Diplomatervezés A (BMEGEPTMGDA) and Diplomatervezés B (BMEGEPTMGDB) in the Neptun System. The recommended period for choosing a topic is registration week–first study week of the semester. The student can also determine the topic before or early in the final semester of full-time studies, with a goal of completing the thesis the following spring or fall semester. The supervisor and consultant prepare an assignment sheet of the thesis in order to set tasks for the student’s thesis work. The tasks indicated in the assignment sheet are shared with the student. Meanwhile, the student should choose three subjects for the final examination from their curricula. The chosen subjects shall be indicated in the assignment sheet. Hereafter, the assignment sheet is handed to the Head of Department and Dean's office for approval. The student receives the assignment sheet and confirms it via signing it. The approved and signed assignment sheet is inserted in the printed version of the thesis. The student attaches the signed assignment sheet into their manuscript as page iii and iv and fill in the required information.


A thesis usually consists of a literature review, collecting information and independent engineering work, supervised and guided by the supervisor and perhaps other internal or external consultant(s). The student is responsible for maintaining regular contact with their supervisor and/or consultant(s), and to follow the progress and meeting plan.

At the end of ’Master Thesis Project B (BMEGEPTNKDB)’ subject, the student submits two printed copies of the final thesis approved by the supervisor. The full and completed thesis in both electronic and printed form should be submitted to the Department of Polymer Engineering until the end of 14th week of the semester. The thesis shall be defended in the Final Exam.
Both subjects end with a mark within the semester based on the joint decision of supervisor and/or consultant(s). The mark is based on the quality of the thesis (e.g. content and form, and how well the student has fulfilled the requirements in the thesis description) and the progress, originality of the work and the importance of the conclusions). If the student does not submit their thesis or does not satisfy at least 50% of the requirements specified in the thesis assignments, the mark for the “Final Project” subject shall be fail, regardless of the amount and quality of the work done. No resubmission is permitted within the late submission week without the supervisor’s knowledge.

Prior to the final exam, thesis work is reviewed by a reviewer. The reviewer prepares a written thesis review.

Final project template

Suggested thesis topics

1. Analysis of block and point-like surface behavior of photopolymer specimens under cyclic compressive loading
 Consultant: Dr. Bakonyi Péter, Kotrocz Luca

2. Development of pressure measurement technology for injection molded products
 Consultant: Dr. Kovács József Gábor, Horváth Szabolcs

3. Effect of aqueous medium on the applicability of ionizing radiation treated ground tire rubber in rubber mixtures
 Consultant: Dr. Mészáros Lászó, Kiss Lóránt

4. Effect of nitrogen atmosphere on the applicability of ionized radiation-treated ground tire rubber in rubber mixtures
 Consultant: Dr. Mészáros László, Kiss Lóránt

5. Shear-aided electrospinning parameter optimization for high viscosity polymer solutions
 Consultant: Dr. Molnár Kolos

6. Development of foamed hybrid nanocomposites
 Consultant: Dr. Morlin Bálint, Dr. Mészáros László

7. Végeselemes hálózási stratégiák vizsgálata és továbbfejlesztése fröccsöntésszimulációhoz
 Consultant: Dr. Szabó Ferenc

8. Development of a comparative method for testing the substitutability of raw materials for injection moulded products
 Consultant: Dr. Török Dániel, Párizs Richárd Dominik, Dr. Kovács József Gábor

Futó diplomamunka témáink

9. Preparation of elastomer-biopolymer based mixtures and investigation of their foamability
 Student: Kovács Eszter Gizella
 Consultant: Dr. Kmetty Ákos, Litauszki Katalin, Dr. Renner Károly

10. Convertibility testing of PVC-free elastomer-based foams
 Student: Szemán Ákos
 Consultant: Litauszki Katalin, Dr. Kmetty Ákos, Tomin Márton, Dr. Renner Károly

11. Development of filament production equipment for FDM type 3D printer
 Student: Gönczi Márton Zsolt
 Consultant: Dr. Romhány Gábor

12. Investigation of melt flow in complex geomety runner system by numerical modeling
 Student: Beke Áron
 Consultant: Dr. Zink Béla, Dr. Kovács József Gábor

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